Como anunciar o seu noivado no Instagram: 16 ideias que nós amamos!

Como anunciar o seu noivado no Instagram: 16 ideias que nós amamos!

Confira ideias incríveis para anunciar o próximo passo da sua relação aos seus amigos da rede social!

Como anunciar o seu noivado no Instagram: 16 ideias que nós amamos!
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Seremos diretas, não há nada melhor do que compartilhar com o mundo a nossa felicidade, ainda mais quando o motivo dela é o nosso noivado! Por isso, temos certeza que depois de contar a grande novidade às pessoas mais queridas e próximas, você vai querer compartilhar a notícia com os seus seguidores do Instagram, verdade? Um momento tão importante quanto esse, merece uma divulgação à altura, de um jeito autêntico e muito especial. Para te ajudar a encontrar a ideia certa para anunciar que você está noiva (ou noivo), separamos algumas ideias para que você se inspire e surpreenda a todos os seus amigos ao anunciar o seu noivado no Instagram.

1. Compartilhe uma cena épica do pedido de casamento…

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I SAID HELL-FREAKIN’-YES!!!! I’M ENGAGED 😱😍😆😱 It was a cold November night. Alex had us driven all the way to Finland to see the northern lights. It was my second bucket list number i was checking off in the same week after swimming with Orcas, my favorite animals, in their natural habitat! Little did i know it would soon be my third! He had a bonfire built for me on top of the middle of a frozen lake deep in Scandinavia completed with the full moon shining on our backs and hot cocoa to keep us warm!?!? Like.. is he crazy?!??? For the first time in both of our lives we got to see the northern lights decide to show their dance across the starry night!! It was a full moon… it was on the 23rd (23 is my lucky number).. and the same day as his song “Aurora Borealis”, which was the first song he EVER wrote about me, came out to the world! sometimes the universe just chooses to leave you speechless!!! that was when @bohnes looked over at me. When he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever.. I have never been more sure about anything in my life. You are my biggest adventure. My fairytale come true. My soulmate. My best friend. The love of my life. So of course it was 1millionxYES!!! Sometimes in life you will meet that one person that makes everything make sense. A person that pushes you to be an even greater version of yourself. A person that makes you not just dream it.. but believe it! Believe in your own abilities to make anything happen! Love is not about compromising yourself. Love is finding someone that only adds to your own joy and shine! Teammates for life!!! @bohnes with you i just knew! You are all that and more. You walked into my life and i have never looked back. I love you. You are MY northern lights and MY Aurora Borealis. <3 -Your Jo

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2. … ou algo mais íntimo e pessoal

3. Compartilhe o momento em que tudo aconteceu…

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❤️😭 "I had planned the most amazing getaway for JJ in the most romantic place I could think of: Paris 💕 On the final day of our trip, I told him we were going to a fancy gala, so we were going to get all dressed up to have a night out! A classic car picked us up outside and gave us a "Midnight in Paris" tour around the city. With each stop, we saw some of JJ's favorite places. Finally, it ended at his favorite bridge. I walked us over and we stood to wait for the Eiffel Tower to turn its lights on and begin to sparkle ✨ We shut our eyes and started reminiscing about some of our favorite moments with each other. I ended by saying, You know.. I think we can make an even better memory right now….." OK NOW WE'RE DEF 😭💘 #Linkinbio for their proposal story that you *need* to read.

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4. … ou o momento logo depois

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REAL PROPOSAL: "When Nick reached out to me saying “hey I’ve got a favor to ask” I immediately knew he was planning to propose to Kat! He printed out all the pictures I had taken of them a few months back, strung them around this beautiful gazebo overlooking the ocean using twinkly lights, bought a rug to line the floor (also to be the first thing for their soon to be new apartment together), and to top it all off, he wrote a song + sang it to Kat asking her to marry him. What happened next? She said YES!!!! We all cried! I couldn’t be happier for these two!!! Congratulations once again Kat + Nick!!! " ❤️ Double tap to congratulate this happy couple! . . Congrats @nickthepond and @kathrine.amanda Photos by @alyssamarieephoto . . #groom #ido #engagedcouple #proposal #engagement #fiance #engagementpictures #proposed #futurewife #isayedyes #engagementphotoshoot #soontobemarried #engagementportraits #proposalplanner #justengaged #huffpostido #happyengagement #surpriseproposal #engaged #savethedate #imengaged #weddingforward #heasked #engagementideas #wifetobe #marriageproposal #engagementseason #theproposal #justsaidyes #engaged💍

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5. Mostre a sua reação…

6. … ou a reação dele

7. Dê a notícia usando o seu prato favorito…

8. … ou com uma bebida

9. Utilize uma foto formal de noivado…

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"Roughly one year before meeting Anthony, I started a bucket list called "101 things in 1001 days". It was a fun way for me to put together different goals to accomplish in roughly 3 years. After meeting Anthony, I had no idea that he would become such an important part of that bucket list (he even surprised me with a trip to Colorado to cross hiking off my list!). When I hit the 1001st day, I had completed my entire list except for the 101st thing: celebrate completing my list! I I had no idea, but Anthony made dinner reservations at one of our favorite restaurants to cross it off and finally celebrate. At dinner Anthony surprised me with a framed canvas printed with my entire bucket list and we spent dinner going through so many amazing memories. I thought the fun was over but after reminiscing, but then Anthony asked if he could add one last item to my bucket list… the 102nd thing: saying "yes" to an engagement proposal and spending the rest of my life with my best friend. The answer was yes and the rest is history! #bucketlistcomplete" Photo: @rachaelosbornphoto #HowTheyAsked

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10. … ou uma foto realmente emocionante!

11. Faça um post com uma caneca com a mensagem…

12. Conte com a participação de pessoas mais que especiais

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Real Proposal💍❄️❤️😍 ”Just a couple of my favorite humans let me capture the most amazing moment! I have shot every milestone these two have had the last few years and they are the perfect example of why I have the best job in the world”Her Proposal Reaction is just to Cute💍💫🥰 Swipe Left to see all the photos & Double Tap to Congratulate this Sweet Couple ❤️☺️ … 📸 by @barbarajohnsonphotos Follow👉🏻 @she_saidyes & #she_saidyes for more😘 … : : : … #gettingmarried #fiance #proposal #mrandtmrs #brideproposal #soulmate #savethedate #engagement #loved #yes #howheasked #reallove #thatsdarling #soloverly #lovelove #luckygirl #truelove #fairytale #engagementparty #inlove #futurewife #perfectmoment #engaged #engagementshoot #engagementphotos

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13. Deixe que o anel fale por ele mesmo…

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14. Inclua o seu amigo de estimação…

15. …ou escreva a sua resposta

16. Compartilhe a sua sessão de fotos de noivado!

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